Hot And Bothered: Feminist Pornography

Becky Goldberg, creator of Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography. I should have blogged about this ages ago, but I was… er… washing my hair.

Anyway, first-time director Becky Goldberg has created a documentary called Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography. The film looks at the emerging genre of female-friendly, feminist porn and features interviews with Nina Hartley, Tristan Taormino, Veronica Hart, Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour from SIR Video (quality dyke porn) and Greta Christina from women’s adult store Blowfish.

The film seems to mainly focus on the DVD/movie side of the adult industry – websites don’t get a look in.


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The film has screened at several film festivals and received an audience choice award at the Cinekink Film Festival in New York

Hot and Bothered has an official site here.

There’s also a great article about Becky and the film here.

A quick quote:

Audience reaction to the images during a recent screening of the movie at the Pioneer Theatre in the East Village achieved the desired effect. The attendees, largely made up of women, nodded in appreciation for Greta Christina’s words “I think that women like to see porn where they have some agency, where women have a part in the action, a lot of women are barraged by images of what their supposed to look like, feminist porn says you can look like an ordinary person and get laid and have a good time in bed.”

Burning Angel also has an interview with Becky from 2004 when she was trying to get funding for the movie. There’s a good bit where she says how much Max Hardcore sucks:

I hate Max Hardcore, and I try to trash him any time I can. It’s just the vilest shit I have ever seen…

Beyond that, she has this perfectly sensible thing to say:

If the industry recognized that women are watching porn, then they would allow women to make porn, and it would become a market. I mean, women are over 50% of the population of the world, and to just completely deny women as a market for pornography is just ridiculous, because it is so obvious that these males are more concerned with a profit off a male fantasy than they are about this untapped market of women who will buy porn if there was something good for them to watch.

So, my “to watch” list has yet another movie added to it.