Playgirl Burning Lust Review Notes

Playgirl's Burning LustI recently reviewed Playgirl’s Burning Lust for For The Girls. Overall, I didn’t mind it, although once again my main complaint is the standardised sex acts and the absence of female orgasms.

Beyond that, though, it’s a nice enough movie to put on in the background. Everyone is all exceptionally beautiful and the movie has production values up the wazoo.

Here’s some of the the things I wrote while watching the film:

“Now that’s one helluva acrobatic cunnilingus position, balanced on one hand with legs over his shoulders, I have no idea how she can concentrate…”

“Her tits stand to attention and point up even when she’s upside down, but the squashed grapes are a nice addition.”


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“More shoe and foot licking… and her moans almost sound real. Now the shoe is off, the fishnet stocking is around his dick… whoah, that departed from the usual script a little. Anything different is good!”

“Rain, urban streets, heat, lust… nice setup. Hah, the newsstand seems to have a lot of copies of Playgirl on it.”

“The skirt comes off but the shoes stay on. Why why why???”

“Hoses, trucks, outdoors, ranchy, stupid shorts, awful white cowboy hat. I’m having flashbacks to Ranch House Lust… arrrrggghhhh! Fake tits, fake accent. Actually, she’s got oval shaped nipples!”

“Woah, now she’s sounding like Forrest Gump. Fuck, Forrest, fuuuuck! And that’s all I have to say about that.”

“The hose is nice, now we’re lingering on his body, he’s quite sexy… but he’s been at his pubes with the Pussy Shaver, it seems. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a spectacularly manicured bush on a man.”

“I’m thinking all that hose water in the back of the truck might create a rust problem later on.”

“Whoa there… ‘He knew how to make me come, and after I did, with my smell all over his face and mouth, I kissed him.’ Now, we don’t actually get to SEE her come, but at least they’ve said it happened, and I’m pleased with that. It’s an acknowledgement, if nothing else, that these chicks are supposed to be getting off.”

“Ooh, and the voiceover talking about how he wanted to “lose himself in that wet” – that’s hot. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a porn movie that talked explicitly about what the guy wanted, how he wanted to come. It’s always assumed.”

“Black people! My God, what’s the world come to? ”

“Touching and licking the pussy through fishnet stockings is good, and then he rips them to get to her… hot. Wow, I really like this male voiceover. ‘I wanted to be inside of her, fucking her, staring down into those dark eyes…'”

“He looks directly at the camera and says ‘I love the way you feel.’ That’s very unusual for a porn movie. Even more unusual is the film’s dismissal of this romance talk as just an annoyance. Different is good.”

“Damn, now fellatio… they can’t help but go back into the same old routine. It was so promising… And now this is going on WAAY longer than the cunnilingus scene, which doesn’t make sense when they’d ramped up his tongue skills earlier.”

“‘I like your warm mouth round my dick.’ This is all dismissed as him saying stupid things. I’m not sure it’s all that bad, to be honest, it’s like there’s a conflict going on here. Are they trying to make a statement about porn dialogue? I guess I can see their point, but I’m just glad the guy isn’t dead silent as usual, it’s nice to hear him say something at least.”

“Shadowy lighting, very moody. Empty office building. Now missionary on the floor… her shoes are off! Dear god, the world’s gone topsy turvy!”

“Unfortunately it ends with the guy masturbating onto her boobs, the only time this has happened in the whole movie (all the cumshots have been hurried withdrawls). It ends with her lying there masturbating but there’s still no female orgasm.”