Testing Australia’s Censorship Laws

Australian online adult retailer Adultshop.com is challenging the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) as to what constitutes “community standards.”

They’ve appealed a decision by the OFLC giving the film Viva Erotica an X rating (which means it can only be sold in the ACT, NT and online). They say the film’s depiction of sex will not offend a “reasonable adult”, which is the criteria for handing out an X rating.


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Adultshop commissioned ACNielsen to conduct a survey of 1500 people and discovered that 70% of Australians don’t find explicit porn offensive and 75% thought such films should be available to people over 18.

They say that OFLC does not reflect community standards and needs to change the way they classify adult material.

I’m with Adultshop on this one. The majority of people in this country like their porn, and they should be allowed to have it.

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