She’s Got Two Vaginas

Last night I saw an amazing documentary called Pregnant in Two Wombs. It’s about a British woman who was born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas. She didn’t even know about her condition, called uterus didelphys, until she was 20, and at 21 doctors operated to turn her two vaginas into one. She became pregnant in both wombs a month after getting married and successfully gave birth to both babies, albeit prematurely. You can read more about her story here.

What had me fascinated was the whole idea of two vaginas. It’s such a bizarre idea. You can’t help but start to think of the sexual scenarios involved. Before I found out about the doctors “merging” her vaginas, I was wondering how her husband had succeeded in getting her pregnant simultaneously. Seemed like an impressive trick.


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I was also thinking that this woman must have lived a sheltered life if she didn’t know she had two vaginas. Surely a bit of self-examination during masturbation would have revealed the truth… but apparently things can look perfectly normal from the outside, with the vagina resembling a Y shape.

For some, two vaginas would be something of a porn fantasy. Imagine – a woman like that could do triple penetration scenes!

Funnily enough, Esquire magazine has just published an interview called What It Feels Like To Have Two Vaginas.

For a while I thought I was a total freak. I lost my virginity twice. The first time was when I was eighteen. Then I lost the other side two weeks later. To the same guy. You’d think I could have saved one of them for marriage.

When I was dating, I’d just say, “So I have a little something to tell you.” I never got any other reaction except, “Oh, my God, that’s so cool,” because they’d want to have sex in both sides and see what it felt like. Apparently, the right side is, well, more normal. The left side is a lot smaller. But they’re both tight. That’s a plus. I’ve got two G-spots, too, so I’ve always appreciated men who were extra dexterous with their fingers. I get to have two orgasms at the same time.

Seems this is the same woman interviewed by Josey Vogels last year.

“It’s really, really rare,” J proudly explains. “There are more cases of women having just two wombs or just two vaginas or two cervixes, but I’ve got the whole kit times two.”

Well, except the clitoris.

“Are you kidding?” laughs J. “If I had two clits, I’d never leave the house!”

In fact, from the outside, things down there look pretty much in order.

“There’s just one hole, but internally, it splits into two vaginal canals with a septum between them,” J explains.

From there, each vaginal canal leads to its own individual cervix and uterus.

“It’s great,” laughs J, “If I’m having sex and get sore in one vagina, we can switch to the other.”

According to this BBC news article, around 1 in 1000 women are born with double wombs, but other statistics suggest the condition is rarer. According to this page, having two vaginas can be the result of an abnormality occuring before birth:

The vagina normally forms as two tubes meeting in the midline with fusion resulting in the creation of a single vagina. At times there are fusion abnormalities which result in a complete vaginal septum which is a wall running vertically up the vagina, essentially creating two vaginas.

So naturally I started wondering about whether many women have two clitorises. Given the complicated nature of the clit, it seems unlikely, but it can happen. I found a handy-dandy page on female genital abnormalities which says that a double clitoris is extremely rare. I found two instances of teenagers writing in to online doctors asking about having two clitorises (here and here), but I suspect they were both just very confused about anatomy.

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