Hand Me A Tissue, Please

Cleaning up the semen after sexNow here’s a photo you don’t see often in porn: cleaning up the semen with a humble tissue. You know, like people do.

This photo is from our featured couple pictorial for April at For The Girls. The lovely man and woman in the pics do a lot of kissing in the great outdoors before stripping off and fucking on a handy DIY sex swing. It’s a great set because it’s very realistic and there’s clearly a spark happening between the two lovers.


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There’s also a lot of smiling going on, something I like to see. Not smiling at the camera, but smiling at each other, taking joy in each other. One of the nicest pics in this set was taken at the moment of the guy’s orgasm. His face is contorted with pleasure, and she’s reaching for him and grinning, clearly pleased with the moment. It’s nice to see. It’s also very hot.

So does this pic deserve to go in the “porn bloopers” section? Perhaps not; it’s more realistic than accidental.