Dick Slip Optical Illusion

Texas basketball dick slip... or is it?Thanks to Boing Boing, I now have a new photo to add to my Dick Slips site.

It seemingly shows a Texas basketballer falling out of his shorts in a rather extravagant way.
According to the editor of The Eagle newspaper in which the story appeared, the photo is actually just an optical illusion.

“The specific section of the picture in question showed nothing more than the white inside liner of the player’s uniform. The color was distorted for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the angle at which the picture was taken, the lighting, orange color of the uniform on the left pant leg reflecting up into the groin area, and the specific moment that was captured.”


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He points out that the player is wearing black bike shorts beneath the baggy red ones, making any dick slippage impossible.

He then goes on to reveal just how much power a penis can have over people:

“…While we were being inundated with angry calls at the newspaper, we may have set a one-day record for street sales of the newspaper. Every available copy of Thursday’s edition has been sold, including the copies from Albertson’s and Normangee. We probably could have sold a thousand more had we restarted the presses.”

It’s all a bit of a shame really. The dick slip is so much rarer than it’s female cousin, the nip slip. Women’s dresses slip down all the time, whereas we don’t often get to enjoy accidental male nudity. It most often happens during sport when men’s jockstraps go awry and they start to display more than just their sporting prowess.

Most of the photos on the Dick Slips site are from sporting events. I’m looking forward to the day when one of our fave male stars accidentally falls out of his tuxedo at the Oscar.

It might happen… Maybe. One day. I hope.